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You must if you don't

Issue written statements of the particulars of employment for all your staff
(Terms of Employment (Information) Act 1994) You may be ordered to pay compensation of up to 4 weeks remuneration.

Ensure your staff avail of a rest break of 15 minutes after 4.5 hours of working time (Organisation of Working Time Act 1997). You may be subject to a fine of 1,900. If you have been convicted and remain in breach of the Act, you shall be subject to pay 650 for each day this continues.
You must maintain details of the days and total hours worked in each week for each employee (Organisation of Working Time (Records) (Prescribed form and Exemptions) regulations 2001). You may be subject to a fine of 1,900

You should if you don't

Have a comprehensive Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure in place (Code of Practice: Grievance and Disciplinary procedures 2000) If you find yourself in an Employment Appeals Tribunal through an alleged unfair dismissal case, your case will be deemed unfair if you are unable to show that you have followed adequate procedural fairness. If so, you may be subject to paying up to 104 weeks remuneration to the claimant.

Have a written equality statement and method for ensuring that the workplace is free from bullying and sexual harassment. (Code of Practice: Measure to protect the Dignity of Women 1994) If an employee claims they have been allegedly bullied or harassed in your workplace, you may be held liable if you were aware or should have been aware that this harassment was taking place and you, as an employer, failed to take action.

If discrimination is found to to have taken place you may be held liable to a summary conviction of 1,875 and a conviction on indictment of up to 19,050.

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